Over the course of our life-time, women can generally experience a significant amount of change and upheaval. Some of these can generally be experienced as positive such as leaving school, long term relationships, the process of becoming a mother, kids leaving home or retirement but this is regularly "not always the case" and sometimes we are left feeling as though we are just surviving rather than living. While we expect other less positive major life transitions may cause high levels of stress and even significant trauma we must never underestimate the huge impact all these things have on us physically, mentally and emotionally. The relationship between life experiences and mood disorders is commonly known yet many of us with these concerns do not report our symptoms either because we do not recognize them until they are having considerable impact on our lives or even out of shame or fear of being labelled. 


Trauma, fears, or worries can cause anxiety, depression and the unhealthy use of activities such as shopping, compulsive use of technology (even TV)  and alcohol or drugs which are all regularly used to self-medicate symptoms when we are trying to function in our lives.  These cycles also allow us to isolate ourselves from those people, places and things that can help.  It is so important to find a qualified and experienced therapist who can work with you in a meaningful way to sort through your particular issues.


We will never judge you and we are able to support you in dealing with stressful situations that aren't easily resolved, such as low self esteem, issues around motherhood, divorce, untenable work-life balance, unresolved complex trauma and abusive relationships all of which have serious impacts on our ability to enjoy our lives and thrive.  Just reach out with a phone call and take the first step.

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